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night fishing for pickerel

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Night Fishing For Walleye and Pickerel 3 Have you ever wondered what actually attracts walleyes and pickerel to a certain area at night and stay there? Well there are certain characteristics located at certain areas that will attract and hold walleyes and pickerel at night. If you can learn these key characteristics you can become successful at catch walleyes at night. Night walleye fisherman will see different patterns then the daytime walleye angler. To night fisherman there are two types of spots that draw and hold walleye to a certain area.

 Number 1 During the spawn you will find walleye and pickerel holding at night only at spots that have proper depth and bottom content.

 Number 2 After the Spawn you will catch walleyes and pickerel at night only where there is the proper depth and bottom conditions and where there is a plentiful food source.

 The bottom line walleyes need to eat and they are a nocturnal feeder by nature. Walleyes and Pickerel have a high metabilism and need to eat, and typically they will feed aggressively during the night. If you think about it with any depth, walleyes and pickerel even pick some spots with the proper depth and bottom conditions to spawn over others. The sole reason In my opinion, is the forage is plentiful in the spot they pick. if walleye have to spawn in areas that offer very little food they will move out of their spawning area as soon as their spawn is complete because they will need to find food. This is not so in spawning areas that hold a good food source for the walleye and pickerel. One ideal spot that is worth looking for is where rock rubble and vegitation merge and walleyes have recently sapwned but are still holding there because of an abundent food source. Chance are they will stay in this location until the water temperature starts to rise or the food source is depleted. Even after water temperatures rise and walleyes and pickerel head to deep water during the day they will return at night if there is still abundant forage.

You will will want to cast out and fish the edge lines where the rock and rubble and vegitation merge after you have located you night fishing for walleye spot and anchored. the walleyes and pickerel will be feeding agressively in this area at night. If you want to increase your chances of a good night catch of walleye and pickerel use an submerged fishing light also called a underwater fishing light, but make sure you secure it with a weight to the bottom. The light will attract zooplankton and bait fish right near your boat or if you are fishing on the shore close to the shoreline.

 A good Live bait walleye and pickerel fishing rig that I use at night is a slip bobber the has a small led powered light attached to the top. I use a walleye hook with a good size split shot to hold your walleye minnow down at your desired depth. The slip bobber is useful because you can adjust your depth quickly until you locate the depth of the night feeding walleye and pickerel.

We hope the information in this article about catch walleyes at night. Have a great day!

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