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Walleye or pickerel need a swift current or wave action and water temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees to start their spawn. The spawning grounds typically need to be rock and rubble bottom. The early walleye and pickerel spawners will start at inlet streams that are rocky, second period spawning fish will find locations along main shore lines and or on shallow reefs.

Take for example in and around Lake Erie early spawning walleye will start there spawn at rocky rubble areas located at different inlet creeks and rivers. One of the most famous walleye runs is on the Maumee river which drains into lake Erie. Then secondly walleye or pickerel will spawn in the many shallow reef locations in the western basin. A prime walleye night fishing spot would be on top of a reef if you want a exciting evening of fishing. If you have a underwater fishing light sometimes called a submerged fishing light you could anchor on the bottom you can sometimes increase your catch of walleye or pickerel at night.

The walleye or pickerel’s early spring migration after the spawn will be dictated by the food source in the area and local weather conditions and water temperatures. The most important condition that will determine how long the walleye or pickerel stay around after the spawn is the abundance or lack of a food source. Walleyes need to eat and after the spawn they will be aggressive feeders because of the strenuous spawn and the winter period. During the early spring post spawn period fish will move around constantly always looking for a adequate food source. If for example there Is an abundance of walleye minnows concentrated in one area you can bet there will be schooling walleye hanging around for an easy meal. So if you plan on night fishing for walleye a key condition you need to look for in early spring is an abundant walleye food source. Sometimes you can create a temporary food source if you can locate areas that tend to attract zoo plankton. A shallow flat on the windward side will sometimes have these conditions.

Using a underwater fishing light will also attract zooplankton. The reason attracting the zooplankton is so important is that many bait fish will feed primarily on the zooplankton. The bait fish will attract yellow perch and walleyes to the area. The walleye will feed on both the bait fish and the yellow perch.

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