A Guide to the Eagle Cuda 300 Fishfinder

If you are looking for a fish finder then it should have at least three basic features. It should tell you the temperature of the water, the depth of the water and give you a map of the bottom terrain for where you are fishing at provided it is not beyond its depth locator. These are three basic features just about every fish finder on the market now has and it is to be expected. Sometimes that is enough and sometimes you need something more advanced to help you hook that trophy fish. The Eagle Cuda 300 Fishfinder delivers some of those advanced features.

The Eagle Cuda 300 Fishfinder is not a top of the line model. It will not give you a 300 foot radius to look at terrain and fish. It does not come already loaded with terrain maps of area fishing spots. But it does give you all of the basics you would expect to find in a fish finder plus a little extra. It is that little extra that has helped boost sales of this fish finder.

One of the added features you get with the Eagle Cuda 300 is the power to see the distance downward of the fish. That’s notable since, when casting out your line and making use of weights, you want to hit the perfect deepness for the specific fish you are looking for. The terrain the Eagle Cuda 300 reveals is pretty detailed considering it is a cheaper product. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to see that pile of seaweed at the bottom of the lake that you can potentially get snagged on, however it does show you a widespread terrain.

The Eagle Cuda 300 also comes with another very convenient characteristic. It permits you to view the screen even in bright daylight. Numerous LCD screens are difficult to read when sunlight is shining on them so this is something you should take note of.

The Eagle Cuda 300 Fishfinder is very reasonably priced. You can find it online at various websites for around 0, which puts it into the economical category. Though it is not going to give you the intricate details of the size of the fish or the type, it still does the job quite well. As a beginning fisherman, this is a good purchase because it gives you the basics plus a little bit extra. If you are a competitive sportsman or woman, you may want to go with a more advanced model.

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