Bait Fish: Amazing Information On Crappie Bait

The crappies have numerous different names such as calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappies, strawberry bass, and the papermouth. During the peak period of summer the water temperature is ideal med 70’s range. The entire food chain I moving at a very fast pace and the speckled bass are feeding aggressively. This is prime crappie fishing time and you should have all your bait fishing for crappie fishing rigs, and crappie baits ready to go.

During the peak summer period crappie are feeding aggressively and they are very predicable and it is easy to catch crappie. This is an excellent time of year for new fisherman to learn how to catch crappie. Just about any crappie fishing baits such live baits like crappie minnows,shiners,small crayfish, or even fresh mussel meat will work to catch a basket full of white perch for your skillet. Also crappie artificial baits such as crappie jigs, tipped with soft plastic grubs, curly tails and many other Varity of soft plastics will work. Even crappie crank baits are productive during the peak summer period.

Feeding habits for crappie will vary greatly during the prime summer months. You will be able to catch crappie in locations such as weed beds,flats, breaks and some will be suspended.

In natural lakes,deep weeds start to develop a distinct edge. These edges are great to go bait fishing with various crappie baits along. These edges can be fished by using crappie jigs using a vertical jigging method or by trolling, or drifting using crappie jigs fished at various depths until you find what depth the paper mouth are concentrated at.

This is also the time of year that speckled perch follow large schools of threadfin shad and gizzard shad and roam large lakes and reservoirs that have populations of these bait fish.  One great technique to catch crappie when you locate a large school of shad is to go crappie fishing using either live freshly caught shad or crappie bait shad imitations. To fish fresh shad you need to net them and use them immediately because they die quickly. To use live shad as a crappie bait you will need one split shot , a crappie hook and a slip bobber. Cast out to the edge of the shad school and let your live shad do the work  for you. Adjust the depth of your slip bobber until you find the depth that the speckled bass are holding.

Well that concludes my article about crappie crank baits. Have a great day!

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