Crappie Summertime Fishing Details For Night Fishing

During the summer period calico bass become less aggressive and to catch crappie you need to use some fishing savvy to locate the strawberry bass and to identify crappie baits that will work best.

The calico bass are less aggressive because the natural forage such as crappie minnow fry, insects, plankton , adult crappie minnows, shiners, fathead minnows, small crayfish are plentiful and the pole crappies can be more selective on what crappie baits such as crappie crank baits, crappie jigs, crappie jigs tipped with live baits that they will attack for food. The papermouths have replenished their energy levels from the winter and they are attacking anything that looks live food anymore. The white perch are much more selective during the summer period.

The sun is high in the sky and the dog days of summer have hit the environment above the surface, but the underwater world is in high gear.  During the summer period of the year thermo clines form in natural lakes and reservoirs. In the natural scheme of things old mother nature responds by regulating feeding time for all the different species of fish including the speckled bass.

In some big reservoirs the big strawberry bass will move entirely out of the shallows and into deeper water areas. The dead of summer is the best time of your to get your gear together anight fishing for crappie nd head out to the lake. You will need a good underwater fishing light and some good led powered lamps to make your night fishing trip more enjoyable. The purpose of the under water fishing light is to attract bait fish to your area and get the strawberry bass started in a feeding frenzy.

The  pole crappies are nocturnal and they feed aggressively at night during the heat of the summer. A good night fishing crappie rig would consist of a slip bobber that has a small battery powered led light that attaches at the top. Place small split shot and a good crappie hook on your line next. Live crappie baits such as crappie minnows, shiners, fathead minnows, small crayfish and even fresh mussel meat work very as crappie bait at night.

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