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Lip less crank baits

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Crappie are a gamefish that are located in waters in all the lower 48 states and they go by many different games such as calico crappie,speckled perch,speckled bass,pole crappie,white perch,stawberry bass, and paper mouth. Bait fishing for crappie using crank baits is probably one of the most seldom used method of catching crappie. One of the best places and time to use these crappie lures is when they are feeding on schools of threadfin shad, and gizzard shad.

The best sizes select when bait fishing for crappie are 1 1/4″ to 3 1/2″ size crank baits. It is not uncommon when theĀ  paper mouth are in a feeding frenzy to hook a few double catches of speckled perch at the same time. When you make your selection make sure you select a crank bait lure that has a rattle built into it. The vibration really attracts crappie. You also want to match the color of your crank bait to the color of the bait fish that the papermouth are feed on, or as close as you can get. For example if you are following the shad schools catch a few shad to check their size and color. Also you should try to match the movement of your lure when you are bait fishing as close as you can to the movement of the bait fish the crappie are feeding on. Here again watch the shad as they move through the water and try to set your cranks to move the same as close as you can.

Cranks work great in the spring during the spawning season. When crappie are on their beds they hit just about anything that comes close to their nest. Speckled Bass are very active and feeding like crazy because the have been so inactive during the winter months. Their metabolisms start to crank up and they are ready to feed. This is a good thing for us crappie fisherman. The bait fish that the crappie will be feeding on will be larger because the bait fish will have not spawned yet so there will not be an abundance of bait fish fry to feed on. Again, another good reason to use crank baits for crappie.

Other very good spots to catch crappie with cranks are around docks, weed edges, and rock points. You will need to have a variety of different types of crank baits. You will want to have some shallow runners, deep divers, and crank baits that stay suspended. If you can find bait fishing crank baits that are lip less you will have better luck. Lip less crank baits can be used in clear or muddied or stained waters. You need to have a variety of sizes and both floating and sinking lip less cranks. 1 to 3 inch with 1/12 to 1/2 once weights work he best. Sonic lip less crank baits work the best because they have a internal rattle built into them. Crappie are very attracted to vibrations and have very sensitive hearing.

I have had a great time writing this article we hope you enjoyed our information about Sonic lip less crank baits. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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