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The crappie is one of the most popular game fish in North America. and parts of Canada and understanding some basic crappie bait fishing information may help you to catch more crappie. The crappie is called many things and go by names such as calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappie, strawberry bass, and papermouth throughout the United States.

The main reason papermouth are so popular is their abundance. strawberry bass are not one of the best fighting fish that are caught while fishing but they are very tasty. Another good reason is because the fishing rigs to catch crappie are reasonably inexpensive. In fact for about 20$ you could be ready to go crappie fishing. Even when you decide to get real serious about crappie fishing you can purchase a really good crappie bait fishing rig for under 200$. Actually the calico bass species of fish is a excellent fish to target if you are just learning to fish. Once pole crappie are located they can be caught using a simple crappie fishing rig that has a bobber, split shot, a sinker, a hook and a crappie minnow as bait.

There are two types of white perch species that you can target when you go bait fishing and they are the white speckled bass and the black speckled bass. Both are found only in North America. Both white and black pole crappie are part of the sunfish family. Both white white perch and black speckled perch can be caught using the same bait fishing methods. And both white and black speckled perch can be found in the same water locations.

White speckled perch prefer stained or muddy waters that have soft substitutes. The black strawberry bass is a little bit more particular about the water they live in, and they prefer cool clearer water and they like to habitat close to aquatic vegetation with a firm bottom. Many crappie anglers who go bait fishing for crappie on a regular basis don’t care what species of they catch just so it’s a speckled perch.

Well that concludes my article about catching crappie. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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