Catching Bass And Info About Bass Chugger Baits

One popular largemouth bass bait fishing technique that thousands of bass fisherman use every year is fishing with top water lures and plugs. These bass baits catch largemouth bass by the hundreds every year.

If you are thinking about taking up largemouth bass fishing do not overlook the importance of top water lures and plugs. You won’t regret learning to fish these bass baits once you see a largemouth bass break water on the end of your line you will be hooked for life! When conditions are right large mouth bass are on the feed and will hit top water lures and plugs quite frequently. Water temperatures need to be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for this to occur. Top water bass plugs work best either late in the evening or early in the morning but they will also strike at top water baits if they are in very heavy cover in the middle of the day.

Some of the most popular top water bass baits include bass buzz baits, snag proof top water imitation frogs bass baits, bass chugger baits, bass stick baits, bass jitter bug baits, and bass prop baits.

Largemouth bass buzz baits have a very large blade that spins and planes water out to both sides of the lure. Buzz baits need to be retrieved slowly and steadily, but do not stop reeling because they will sink. Frogs and soft rubber or plastic rats need to have hooks that are weed less for fishing on top of heavy weed cover.

Stick baits are long, thin plugs that are weighted on the tail end The weighted end gives the top water plug a side to side motion. Prop baits look exactly like stick baits except they either have a propeller on one end or both. You fish bass prop baits by with twitches and then a pause, twitches and then a pause.

Chuggers have a concave or flat face that when you jerk it through eh water it will splash on both sides of the lure. Bass chuggers are typically fished with a series of quick twitches.

Jitterbug largemouth bass bait fishing plugs have a very wide face plate or arm that will make the bass bait wobble and crawl through he water. You will want to fish a jitterbug bass bait by using a slow and a steady retrieve.

There are many popular top water retrieves that work well when fishing top water bass baits. You can use the twitch and pause technique which works best when fishing prop baits and chuggers. Chuggers can also be fished using a series of twitches with no pause in between. To retrieve a bass stick bait hold your rod low then give the bass bait a series of evenly spaced jerks that make the bait’s head swing back and forth through the water. This retrieve is commonly called “ walking the dog”

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