Amazing Fishing Information On Plastic Bass Spoons

A weedless spoon can be a very effective method to catch largemouth bass under certain conditions. If bass are holding tight in dense weed beds using weedless spoons is a very effective way to catch largemouth bass. Weedless spoons used to be a very popular way to catch bass but nowadays they are only used when bat fishing for large mouth bass in heavy vegetation or brush cover.

Weedless spoons are made of metal or plastic and both are very effective but react differently when retrieved through he water. For example metal spoons work better if you intend to fan cast an area because they can be cast much further then plastic bass spoons. The metal spoons are only used if you intend to bait fish for bass sub – surface because metal spoons will sink rapidly after casting them. In order to go bait fishing with metal spoons effectively they must be retrieved faster then plastic bass spoons. Unfortunately one draw back to metal spoons is that largemouth bass tend to strike them short, by only hitting the trailing plastics attached to the bass lure. To fix this problem only set the hook after you feel the weight of the bass on your line.

If you plan to fish the top of weed beds or brush then plastic spoons work much better the metal spoons, because they do not sink as fast as the metal spoon. Also plastic spoons are virtually weedless because the hook is always facing upward when these spoons are retrieved through the water.

To fish a skitter and drop retrieve make a long cast and start your fast retrieve with your rod tip pointing in a upward position, before the weedless spoon has a chance to sink. Retrieve fast enough to see the spoon skipping across the top of the surface or just below. When you start to pass over a pocket in the weed bed stop your retrieve and allow the spoon to sink into the pocket. If a largemouth bass is following you spoon it will probably strike your bass spoon as soon as it starts to drop so be ready.

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