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For the past couple of decades crappie fishing has been every bit as popular than bait fishing for largemouth bass. crappie are one of the most plentiful gamefish that are stocked in all the lower 48 states and they go by many aliases such as calico bass,speckled perch,speckled bass, white perch, pole crappies, strawberry bass, and papermouth. Actually when crappie fisherman are combined as a total with other pan fish anglers they out number bass fisherman by over one million.

There have been recent studies that have been conducted exclusively with the crappie species that have that have provided crappie bait fishing anglers with a better understanding of how crappies spawn, what factors dictate crappie migrations, and how they select their forage. The crappie species is an amazing fish and has been transplanted to areas not native to their natural habitat and they have flourished. This stocking process has been going on for nearly seventy years know and has worked especially well in western states such as California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, And Nevada. In these states crappie populations have flourished and their habitat is expanding in these areas.

Some of theses new crappie waters such as California’s Lake Success it is not uncommon to catch 3lb crappies while bait fishing. Amazingly all of these new crappie waters are far from the crappie species natural habitat range, but still show a phenomenal grow rate. This just shows us how adaptable the species of fish really is. The crappie is a sleak adaptable and easy to stock fish species.

The white crappie, and the black crappie’s which are also commonly called calico bass, white perch, speckled perch, speckled bass, pole crappies, strawberry bass, and the papermouth. Their native habitat areas have traditionally been from Florida in the south , up the east cost over to the Midwest and into the southern tips of some Canadian provinces. I today’s world the white and black crappie species as well as hybrids inhabit portions of all the lower 48 states. Do primarily to extensive stocking in the South West and North West the crappie has become one of the most popular game fish that is targeted by millions of crappie fisherman today when bait fishing. The crappie is one of the most sought after fish to go bait fishing for and crappie fishing has become multi-billion dollar business. It’s no wonder because near every large population of people there is sure to be reliable crappie waters near by.

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