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Bait fishing: article 84
the crappie is a very popular game fish that goes by a number of different names throughout the country such as calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappie, strawberry bass, and papermouths. The name paper mouth is very fitting for the crappie. This nick name is very fitting of a crappie that is caught while bait fishing because there mouths are paper thin and the hook can pull out very easy so you need to be very careful to not over do it when you set the hook. This fact alone makes it very difficult to land a large strawberry bass.

Both White and black crappie speckled bass look very similar but there are a few different identification marks. Both white crappie and black crappie have dark – olive or golden or brownish backs. The white papermouth look much lighter then the black speckled bass when caught while bait fishing. During the spawn it is hard to tell male white and black speckled perch apart because the male whit crappie will darken like the black crappie during the spawning period.

One easy way to tell the white calico bass from the black crappie is by counting the number of spines located at the dorsal fin. White  papermouth will have 5 to 7 spines, while  the black white perch will have 7 to 8 spines. The white calico bass will have a have a shorter distance between the dorsal fin first spine to a point between the eyes, then the black speckled bass. The white white perch takes a more “s” or
hump shape then the black strawberry bass where the back rises from the head. The black strawberry bass has a more round shape.

Both white strawberry bass and black white perch, are built for speed and maneuverability. They move in cover very easily because of their thin bodies. In cover you catch crappies while bait fishing fairly easy if you use the right crappie baits. The white crappie and the black white perch are not the only speices of crappie. For years white and black pole crappie have been cross breeding to make a very stable hybrid papermouth population. Also many hybrids have been raised in captivity for stocking. They have
been stocked in new habitat locations throughout the Untied States to create new speckled bass habitat areas.

Well that concludes my article about Papermouth. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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