Special Fishing Report On Strawberry Bass

crappie will be called names such as calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappies, strawberry bass, and paper mouth. To determine the age of a speckled basssuch as calico bass, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappies, strawberry bass, and paper mouth has exceptionally good vision. White perch have developed ways to see small objects like zooplankton close up that other species of fish do not have. Understanding the strawberry bass vision is key to developing key crappie fishing techniques to go bait fishing and catch crappie. This fact alone almost guarantees the pole crappies survival since zooplankton represents the smallest animal prey and they are abundant in all the pole crappies habitat locations throughout the United States and Canada.

papermouth have multiple cones in their eyes which are commonly referred to as light receptors. At a causal glance this fact may mean nothing to you but when you dig deeper you will see why this is very important to understand if you intend to catch crappie. The light receptors or cones allow the crappies to distinguish between different colors. You can use this information to your advantage when you select crappie baits to go bait fishing for crappie. Unfortunately there are not a lot of specific scientific studies that identify what colors they can see better then others so trial and error are still needed to select your crappie baits in the crappie fishing process if you want to catch any crappie.

speckled bass have very good black and white vision and they are known to be very active night feeders because they can see their prey very good at night. If you want to catch some large white perch then by all means set up a night fishing for crappie trip. The eyes of the white perch are bigger in proportion to it’s body size then most species of fish. These large eyes can gather more available light in limited light periods that their prey such as crappie minnows, small shad,small crayfish, and bluegill fry. As a result, the speckled bass have a distinct advantage over their prey in the day or at night. Many trophy slab speckled bass have been caught while bait fishing for strawberry bass Also, If you go crappie fishing in waters that are very clear speckled bass are especially active in this type of crappie habitat. If you schedule a fishing trip to clear white perch to clear water habitat you bait fishing for crappie efforts will be rewarded with a basket full of a good crappie catch.

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