Bait Fishing: Old Master Special Bass Fishing Spinner Bait Details About Bass Baits

If you want to fish heavy cover for largemouth bass then using a bass spinner bait is great way to fish for largemouth bass holding tight in thick weed, debris cover. The reason bass spinner baits work so well in thick cover is because the spinner blades serve a dual purpose. The blade or blades attracts the bass while they also keep your bass baits from hanging up on thick weeds brush structure.

There are basically two types of large mouth spinner baits that are quit popular and used when bait fishing for large mouth bass. There is what is called the single spin spinner bait which has only one spinning blade, and there is what is called a tandem spinner bait which has to spinner blades. The single bass bait is very popular when using bass fishing method called “helicoptering”.

The tandem largemouth bass spinner bait works best over shallow weed tops and other shallow water bait fishing presentations. You can make a tandem or single blade bass spinner bait work differently when you replace the type of spinner blades. If for example you want your spinner bait to lift off the bottom quickly or stay close to the bottom as you retrieve it then you would want to use what is called a willow leaf blade and you would retrieve your largemouth bass spinner bait slowly. If you want your large mouth bass spinner bait to stay close to the top water then you would retrieve faster and use what is called a Colorado spinner blade that creates more lift in the water.

as deep as 30ft for largemouth bass you would need to use at minimum a ¾ ounce spinner bait. To keep your spinner bait deeper you can also adjust the depth by clamping a split shot sinker to one of the arms.

Largemouth bass spinner baits can also be tipped with live baits such as nightcrawlers, salamanders, leeches, and frogs. They also can be tipped with a variety of popular largemouth bass spinner bait retrieves include what is called a slow roll, fast reel then helicopter downward, a close to the surface retrieve, or jigging. To do a slow roll with spinner bait allow your large mouth spinner bait to bump bottom, or bounce off the top of weed cover or brush cover. To do a fast reel helicopter retrieve cast your spinner bait past a vertical structure point then retrieve very quickly until you are near the structure point, then stop and let your bass spinner bait “helicopter” or flutter downward towards the bottom right next to the structure. To do a close to top water retrieve, keep your rod tip high and reel in your line very quickly making sure your bass spinner bait stays just bellow the surface. You most likely will need Colorado blades for this retrieve method. The close to top water retrieve works great over shallow weed cover.

Well that concludes my article about bass spinner bait. Have a great day!

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Old School Bass Fishing Family Secrets

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