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Many largemouth bass anglers use a variety of sub-surface bass lures on a regular basis. There are three main types of sub – surface plugs that work well when bait fishing for largemouth bass. The three types are crank baits, Minnow baits, and vibrating plugs. All sub – surface plugs are very effective to catch largemouth bass in the summer months when the largemouth bass are active and a faster retrieve works better. Sub – surface plugs are not the best choice when fishing cold water with one exception. Bass crank baits are some time used for cold water bait fishing presentation using a method called the stop and go. Al you need to do to fish the method is cast your bass crank bait out and retrieve it slowly then stop for a second or two, start your slow retrieve again and then stop again. Repeat all the way through your cast and retrieve.

Bass crank baits are probably the most popular of the sub – surface bass plugs used by largemouth bass fisherman. Crank baits typically have a relatively short , deep body and a wide broad lip that cause the bass bait to wobble through he water. If you attach or imbed a rattle into the body you will make these bass sub – surface plugs even more deadly. You can buy largemouth bass fishing crank baits that have preset diving depths. Normally these depths range from as shallow as 2ft to a max of 30 ft. Crank baits usually are only recommended to bait fish for bass in warm water fishing presentations but if you use the slow stop and go retrieve you can use the bass crank baits in cold water they can be quite effective.

are another popular summer time large moth bass bait fishing presentation that is use quit often by bass anglers. Minnow bass baits are typically designed long and slender and have a narrow lip that gives them a wiggle type wobble. Minnow sub – surface bass plugs are typically used where you need a shallow largemouth bass bait fishing presentation. Some minnow sub – surface bass plugs are designed with a very long and narrow lip and are used for deep water bass bait presentations. You can also add weights to these bass lures to go and stay deep. The bass plugs are designed to be negative buoyant so you can add weights to keep them right at the depth you are retrieving even if you stop your retrieve which is a good way to attract curious largemouth bass and entice them to strike your minnow bass plug.

Vibrating sub – surface bass plugs can be fished at any depth because they sink and they are excellent for any back trolling or down rigger trolling where stay at a predetermined depth. These baits are used quite frequently when walleye fishing but they are also quite effective when you are largemouth bass fishing in some bait fishing situations. These sub –surface bass plugs have very tight wiggle pattern that generates vibrations through the water that can be felt by large mouth bass from some distances away. These Bass baits are also a good way to discover new bass fishing habitat because you can cover a lot of water in a shot period of time.

Well that concludes my article about Minnow Bass Baits. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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