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Jigging for largemouth bass is a very effective way method to catch largemouth bass. Jigging for bass is especially effective when fishing deep water where a vertical bass bait presentation is essential. Largemouth bass jigs come in all different sizes, shapes, and types and they are typically tipped with a live bait selection. Largemouth bass can be caught by jigging night crawlers or a Varity of different bass fishing soft plastics or rubber skirts.

Normally jigging is done by rapidly moving your line in a up and down motion , but when you are jigging for largemouth bass there are many other jigging methods used. A bass jig is a lead head that comes in a varity of different shapes sizes and is painted many different colors. The lead head jig is than tipped with a variety of soft plastics or live bait that is used for bait fishing for largemouth bass. There are a number of types of jigs that are used for bass in different bait fishing situations. You could use a weedless jig to avoid hang ups. One of the most popular jigging method used for bass fishing using a jig head and a rubber or plastic skirt is what is called the “jig and the pig”. This technique is commonly used when bait fishing dense cover for largemouth bass.

If you are fishing deep water for large mouth bass jigging is the preferred method of choice. You can use either a bass jigging spoons tipped with soft plastics or live bait or a football head jig tipped with live bait or soft plastics and rubber skirts it’s your choice. Also vibrating blades on a jigging spoon work exceptionally well in deep water bait fishing presentations. For rocky bottoms go bait fishing for large mouth bass using football ball head jigs dressed with a live crayfish or a artificial soft plastic crayfish imitation. The football head jig is used on rocky bottoms because it won’t getstuck in the rocks as easy. Make use of the weedless option when fishing rocky bottoms for largemouth bass. Use a slider jig set up with a plastic grub or worm, or a live bait such as a nightcrawler or ribbon leech when you are bait fishing for bass over weed tops.

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