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crappies have numerous different names such as calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappie, strawberry bass and papermouth. This fish species is a migrational by nature and tends to follow the natural forage. When you are bait fishing for crappie you need to take into account the seasonal habits and locations. In addition to selecting the crappie baits you need to understand where the speckled bass will be located during the season of the year you are crappie fishing.

To catch crappie while bait fishing it is not enough to just select a good crappie bait. You nee to understand the white perch’s diet and activity levels and behavior. Their is no set calendar for the changing seasons when you are targeting calico bass. Actually the changing of the seasons is dicated by the needs of the calico bass. The changes of physical seasons forces the the crappie to change their habits because they will need to seek the type of habitat that allows them to still locate a good abundant food source.

The bottom line is that paper mouth change their habits, feeding patterns and location to seek out an abundant food source, and in many respects is the driving force of their annual migrations from one area to another. So you probably are smart folks and figured out already that you much change your crappie fishing techniques with the changing seasons too. You will be have to be making changes to your crappie bait and crappie fishing rig selections with the change of seasons when you are bait fishing for crappie.

We all wish we could change our crappie fishing style by looking at the calendar but unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. The typical changes we see on land with the change of the seasons such as from winter to spring, from spring to summer, summer to fall , and fall to winter are not the same under the water. Under the water changes are dictated by the length of daylight which is known as the photo period. Animals from small microorganisms such as zooplankton all the way up to the fiercest of game fish react to these changes. The change in the length of daylight will cause paper mouth to migrate, spawn, and to change their feeding habits.

There are a few crappie fishing calendars that can be purchased that identify specific details of what when and where for crappie fishing seasonal changes. The best one I have come across is published by in-Fisherman and is designed to identify seasonal changes based on the fishing activity levels and seasonal needs of the speckled perch.

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