Bass Fishing Techniques

To give yourself a better chance of catching more bass fish, learning some basic bass fishing techniques is recommended. The simplest such bass fishing technique is that when angling for bass fish in clear water you will need to pick a crankbait, spoon or even spinner that is of a dark color.

The reason for this is that in clear water the fish will not be able to find bait that is light in color, and so your chances of landing the bass will not be very good. Whereas dark colored baits can be easily spotted and will be more attractive to bass, which of course gives you are greater opportunity for success.

Also, the temperature of the weather you are fishing in also plays a role. There are cold water bass fishing techniques when fishing during the winter months, and also summer bass fishing techniques for warmer temperatures.

Schools Of Bait Fish

Another simple bass fishing technique is that when you are on a large lake and looking for bass, you should first be on the lookout for schools of bait fish. Should you spot these schools of fish, this is an indicator that somewhere nearby bass are lurking. The reason for this is that the predatory bass will always lurk close to their dinner and so you can use such a simple bass fishing technique to help you locate your bass.

Bass fish are selective and will be swimming at deeper depths, at least smallmouth will anyway. When looking for bass fish, you will do well to investigate deeper structures with your spinner and even spoons. On a slow day, chances of getting positive results will increase.


The type of species will play a role in the type of techniques you should employ. For instance, if you are fishing for striped bass, smallmouth, or largemouth you will to use certain techniques to have success catching each one.

For a smallmouth bass, an important technique is to is to be persistent in your efforts because they are more aggressive and unique than other types.

On the other hand, bass fishing techniques for largemouth bass fish are all about using more skill. This is in reference specifically to the retrieval process once the fish has taken the bait.

In regard to angling for striped bass, the bass fishing techniques are different. Since striped bass are larger, they will put a great deal of effort and force into escaping once they have taken the bait. Therefore, you will really have to use your strength in order to subdue striped bass.

The basic truth is that the bass fishing techniques used to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass is completely different from those used for striped bass. Striped bass are large, display unpredictable behavior, and travels long distances.

This means you will have to track them over long distances. Because they have these traits, in order to succeed in catching striped bass, you will have to use the fishing techniques that match their behavior.

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