Bass Fishing Tournaments To Watch Out For

Many places in the world have an activity of bass fishing tournaments for them to be known and to record the biggest bass existing on earth. The tournaments are about luck, only God can say who can catch the largest bass present in the battlefield. Flexibility is needed in the competition for carrying, and long stamina should be acquired by the players so that they can last the natures test. And the most important things that the players should have are the skills and experience in bass fishing. These two are the key of success by each “players”. This will help them on how they will act and set up strategies on the tournaments. There are many active tournaments like in Northwestern Ontario. There are huge tournaments to participate in, like the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship on Rainy Lake or the KBI on Lake of the Woods, and some bass fishing tournaments in Sunset Country. Shoal Lake Bass Classic Tournament occurs in the 1st weekend in July held on Shoal Lake, Ontario. This is the primary fishery in the region with schools of Smallmouths that have never seen a lure before. Smallmouths usually win this tournament, but big Largemouths can be a factor. The winning weight for this two day tournament is usually in the 32-34 pound range!

English River Bass Challenge also occurred in Mid July, Tournament held on the English River System in Grassy Narrows, Ontario. It is a First Nation sponsored bass tournament on the mighty English River in Northwestern Ontario. Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship is help every 3rd week in July. This is Canada’s Largest Live Release Cash Bass Tournament, with a total of $172,500.00 in cash prizes.With a $50,000 first prize, this event on Rainy Lake attracts many of the best bass fishermen from all over North America.. The winning weight for this three day event is usually in the 55 pound range. The tournament first ran in 1995 and has been growing in size and recognition ever since. Kenora Bass International (KBI) happened every 2nd week in August. This event on Lake of the Woods offers a $30,000 first prize. Anglers here have the opportunity to fish for largemeouths or smallmouths. Largemouths have won the tournament more than smallmouths over the last few years. If the water is high, largest will win, if it is low, smallmouths will be more of a factor. The winning weight for this three day event will be in the 45-50 pound range.

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