Bass Fishing: Why Has it Become So Popular?

More and more people these days of all age groups and circles are starting to become aware of the attractions that bass fishing offers. Bass pro trophy fishing doesn't exactly get the type of attention and coverage that other sports get. If you went just by the daily news items that hit you on different fishing related television shows, you wouldn't believe that bass fishing was that popular. It takes more than looking at bass fishing infomercials to comprehend why bass fishing is now the number one freshwater sport today in America.

Substantial Growth

It is in fact quite surprising to learn that bass fishing has grown by a whopping seventy percent more than any other form of fishing. Furthermore, the last quarter of a century has also seen the bass fishing industry multiply from being just a million dollar industry into one that is now believed to be an approximately five billion dollar industry. Each year, the business still continues to grow.

All this makes one wonder what is there to bass fishing that is so exciting and making this industry grow so fast. The amount of media coverage is increasing, as pro bass fishing tour events are sometimes televised. Florida is one of the best places for bass fishing. Because of the many attractions Florida has to offer, this makes an ideal vacation spot for families. The existance of associations like the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) have contributed to the popularity as well.

This is a sport that doesn't require a lot of equipment or experience to do for fun. Also, it doesn't need a certain amount of people to participate in, like team sports for instance. If desired, one can go out and fish on their own. Also, the cost of the equipment is not too expensive, opening the door for just about anyone regardless of income level to get involved.

Bass fishing also allows families to get the opportunity to spend more time with one another. You can create special memories with your loved ones by sharing these joyful times together. This will certainly bring your family closer.

One of the new slogans that is making the rounds is ??Get kids hooked on fishing, not drugs'. This is actually a program for kids that helps them develop life skills. If you are a father, bass fishing is a great chance to spend time with your son and keep him away from any possible negative influences, such as drugs. Plus, there is nothing like being outdoors on a beautiful summer day catching fish.

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