Big Game Fishing How To

Catching big beautiful trophy fish is a very task, since almost everyone can do so. It just requires some common sense tips and techniques. It is perhaps that you have never caught a real big fish and you must be wondering why. If you’ve spent much time fishing you probably had at least 1 “big one that got away”. Actually, that happens to everybody, which includes many experienced fishermen. These fishermen generally don’t follow some fundamental rules.

First of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money or travel to exotic locations to catch trophy fish. Practically any pond or lake which is perennial or that has year-round, and has a good depth to support your big fish in the course of both, cold and warm dry months, will definitely keep an excellent number of big and large fish.

1. Start using Large Real Bait

What can I mean by real bait? Well I mean the things that fish in fact feed on to survive. Would you cut pics of foods out of the magazine and consume them? Of course you do not and neither do big fish. Though imitation lures do have their place and time, all they actually do is imitate Live Bait. Also to avoid catching modest fish, use bait that only big fish can swallow.

2. A good Reel is a Must

A quality fishing reel makes all the difference in really landing a big fish. This is a single place exactly where it is sensible to invest some cash. Once you eventually get that trophy fish to chomp your bait after waiting quite a long time, it would be a shame to waste it mainly because of the inexpensive reel. A great fishing reel has a finely tuned drag that enables the large fish to run and get tired without the need of splitting the line.

3. Make use of Thin Low-Visibility Line

Trophy fish did not get large by becoming stupid! Therefore it helps if the fisherman is smarter compared to the fish. In lakes near the populated areas, fish which have lived for a long time have probably, noticed numerous hooks, lines and sinkers. So it does not require a lot to spook a large fish. Use the thinnest line possible and also the minimum terminal tackle. Tie the line right to the hook and use the smallest sinker to get the bait to the correct depth.

4. Sharp Hooks Are Necessary

The need to even mention this is proof that trophy fish may be smarter than fishermen. It is possible to do everything else right and have that monster Trout or Walleye to grab your bait. Using a pounding heart you wait that important 3 seconds after which pull back about the fishing rod to sink the hook. The behemoth doubles your rod more than and the drag screams as he goes on his first run. Suddenly the line goes slack and the fish is gone! What occurred is the fact that a cheap or dull hook just pulled right out of his mouth.

5. Try to be Patient

Now-a-days, “Run and Gun” has become a common practice. You will generally see that in Bass master TV shows and magazines. Just gear up your 250 HP motor boat and go through the lake scaring all the big fish within 200 yards of your motor boat! Just do it! Yeah, that is indeed perfect for this impatient generation of yours, which requires constant stimulus to prevent thinking at all costs.If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, discover your inner self and catch trophy fish, then take it slowly and quietly.

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