Carp Fishing in France near Calais

Carp fishing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies one can get into today. It has slowly become a worldwide activity and entertainment for its relaxing, natural setup. In France, many sites are there which have already become well-known hotspots for carp fishing enthusiasts. Though there are different locations all around France providing support for Carp fishing, Calais seems to be the most popular among all of them. Not only the wonderful sights, but also the gorgeous climate has made Calais so popular. There are other reasons also behind Calais becoming so popular. There are plenty of lakesides with huge lakes and various other facilities like accommodation, fooding, baits etc. All these lakesides are easily reachable from Calais by ferryboat or even by private car services. This article will concentrate on the various advantages of renting a lakeside around Calais:

Carps are huge in size and plenty in numbers:

Almost all of these lakesides around Calais have huge range of carps available in the lakes. These carps are well fed and maintained also. Generally, the average weight of the carps varies between 30- 40 lbs. Carps of even 70 lbs have been found on separate occasions in some of the lakesides. The number of carps found is also huge. Even a small time lake generally has around 100 caps in it. So, it does not matter when you go, you will not require stopping fishing due to inadequacy of carps.

Accommodation Facilities:

This is a new trend among anglers to bring their families with them while coming for fishing. So, when you have your family with you, accommodation is must. What better than the lakeside itself providing that for you? You can fish all day long and no time restriction will be imposed upon you. Your family can take rest in the lodge with all equipments like air conditioner, television, music system, kitchen, fridge, and attached bathroom with bath tubs – everything that you require to lead a modern life style.

Even if the lakeside does not provide accommodation, you can hire the rest rooms at those locations. They provide everything other than bedding. The charges are also less compared to those with accommodation.


You do not require going somewhere else for food. You can order your dishes from the restaurants alongside these lake sides. They can even cook the particular carp you fished on special orders that will cost more though.

Change in swims:

To excel in the competition, some of the lakesides allowed anglers to change swims according to their choice. This option became popular among anglers and later most of the other lakesides followed. Generally such change of swims requires you paying a bit extra cash but nothing unaffordable at all.


You are a rookie when it comes to carp fishing and does not know how to make baits. Lakeside authorities are out there to help you. The experienced anglers will make baits for you and even assist you to catch the carps.


You forgot to bring your camera to catch the moment of that fish in your hand? Do not worry. Lakeside hired professional photographers will be there to help you out to carry that special moment with you wherever you go with digital clarity.

These are only some of the advantages of fishing near Calais; the list will turn to be huge if all facilities are to be mentioned.

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