What are Peacock Bass And Where Can I Catch Them?

Peacock bass are very similar in many ways to large mouth bass. However they are a lot more aggressive, a whole lot more colorful and really fun to fish for and catch. Whilst Peacock bass are not a member of the bass family, they do share habits and habitats. Found mostly in South America, they [...]

Where Should I Go For The Best Bass Fishing Vacation?

With the growing popularity of activity vacations, more and more places are offering bass fishing vacations for the avid fisherman, for friends and for family. Deciding where to go and what to take (even who to take) will help you to select the ideal Bass fishing Vacation. Discover some of the best places to catch [...]

Can Bass Fishing Games Help You Catch More Bass?

There is a whole variety of bass fishing games available for when you can’t get out to catch fish in real life. So how do you choose the best game for you, and can bass fishing games really help you catch more bass – Hint, the answer is yes! Discover the best free and paid [...]

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Bundle

The Strike combines authentic environments based on real lakes, engaging gameplay with accurate fish and lure behaviors, and a highly interactive fishing pole controller that allows players an immersive fishing adventure. Players can enjoy 3 different game-play modes including Quick Fish, Career and Bass Pro Shops Invitational Tournament, or compete with friends in mini games [...]

Sega Bass Fishing Game

The sun is out, the fish are biting and your tackle box is filled with 20 different types of lures. With content created exclusively for the Wii, you’ll motor out, find your favorite fishing hole, cast off using the Wii Remote and snag one of four types of bass. When you hook a fighter, your [...]

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Experience pro tournament fishing action like never before! Dominate the Pro Bass Tour with Rapala Pro Bass Fishing, featuring an all new Rapala Rod & Reel peripheral for the Wii. Featuring full motion controls, players will be able to cast, reel, jig, set the hook and more as if they had an actual fishing rod [...]

Kevin Vandam’s Bass Strategies: A Handbook for All Anglers

The nation’s most revered bass angler reveals everything you need to know to catch more bass from reservoirs, natural lakes, and rivers. In addition to dozens of tips for finding and catching bass, VanDam analyzes the dilemmas anglers face and how to overcome them. Kevin Vandam’s Bass Strategies: A Handbook for All Anglers Sale Price: [...]

Drop-Shot Secrets Revealed To Catch More Bass – DVD

What Makes An Ideal Fishfinder?

A typical device for just about any angler or marining lover might be a marine GPS system, chartplotter or fishfinder such as the well-known Furuno FCV 620 to use as an example. In this post, we will especially look at the fundamentals of what a fishfinder really does and provide a few suggestions and tips [...]

Enjoy Carp Fishing In France

A holiday in France is exciting enough, and a fishing trip is just what the doctor would order if you want to spend some time amidst the tranquil carp lakes in France. There is nothing more inviting than a secluded French lake with its stunning natural surroundings and water plentiful with carps weighing 40 lbs. [...]

Fly And Salt Flat Fishing In The Yucatan

Upon arriving on the Boca Paila Fishing Lodge without delay at 7:30 am, we noticed the place was by now jumping.  Visitors had been  polishing off breakfast and the guides were getting the last of their gear within the boats while being expertly directed by  Chico, the general manager and the main host of the [...]

Big Game Fishing How To

Catching big beautiful trophy fish is a very task, since almost everyone can do so. It just requires some common sense tips and techniques. It is perhaps that you have never caught a real big fish and you must be wondering why. If you’ve spent much time fishing you probably had at least 1 “big [...]

How to Catch Massive Fish

Your Bass Fishing Guide There are scores of people who are interested in bass fishing. Warm weather signals fishermen to grab their gear, hook up their boats and head to their favorite lake. Anyone who has been to a boat ramp at first light on a warm spring Saturday realizes that bass fishing is a [...]

Going Carp Fishing In France

Carp Fishing in France The French countryside is blessed with a number of private and public lakes and rivers that are home to some of the finest carp you will ever find. Anglers from all over Europe love to spend time carp fishing in France. The best way to set out on a fishing vacation [...]

Want To Come Fishing In Bright? Let Me Tell You A Little About This Beautiful Place

Who couldn’t be tempted with a peaceful afternoon on the bank of your favorite river with your rod by your side, and a few beers. Fishing is a huge part of the Australian lifestyle, in particular, fishing in Bright is a popular activity. Why Bright? The serenity, the rivers, and the endless places still left [...]

Pelican Predator DLX Fishing Boat- A Perfect Angling Machine

For anybody who is interested in a reasonably priced, sturdy and comfortable bass fishing vessel the Pelican Predator DLX Fishing boat is definitely the ticket.  It will come loaded having anything the professional fisherman must have for a best day on the lake, river or bay.  This vessel also makes the perfect gift to the [...]

Learn How To Be A Professional Bass Angler

If you enjoy fishing, you’e probably seen at least one fishing show on television. Have you ever thought, I would love to have that person’s job, fishing all day? Well, put some more thought into that idea and you could become a professional bass fisherman/woman!First things first: if you think that all you need is [...]

Basic Facts About Fishing Gear

In fishing, it is very important to an angler’s success that he starts with the proper equipment. He may purchase or own the finest equipment in the world, but when it is assembled and put into use, it may prove to be a very decided handicap. To guard against this, it is important that the [...]

Bass Fishing Techniques

To give yourself a better chance of catching more bass fish, learning some basic bass fishing techniques is recommended. The simplest such bass fishing technique is that when angling for bass fish in clear water you will need to pick a crankbait, spoon or even spinner that is of a dark color. The reason for [...]

Circle Hooks

There are a wide variety of hook styles from which to choose when you’re fishing. While the “J.” style is still the most popular, the circle hook is gaining from more popularity. In fact, over the last 10 years more anglers are discovering that if they use it properly circle hooks increase fish survival.   [...]