Chatham Islands Fishing Trip

New Zealands Chatham Islands is one of the more talked about fishing destinations around the country. Many people desire to go there on holiday, and those who do, love their experience. My experience is listed below, I hope you enjoy the read:

I remember when I started fishing and used to go out in my ‘good old days’ with my grandfather and dad in the dinghy. On rods, let alone the net or setline, it was easy to haul in twenty snapper or the same amount of blue cod. Aint always like that now. I also remember at the time, my grandfather talking of his 'good old days' as he remembered it, when a homebuilt dory rowed out from the house in Eastbourne (Wellington), would yield a boat full of good groper and blue cod, all on old cord handlines in quite shallow water. Certainly, it was the sort of amazing thought that made me dream. I guess that I always thought this sort of thing didnt exist any more.
I had always heard awesome things about the a Chathams Stay, so when the opportunity came up to join 12 other like minded blokes and make the journey over for a week, well, its fair to say that the old man and I didn’t need to be asked twice. Seeing as he was good enough to pay for my time there!
Flying in, the size of the Chathams amazed us, much bigger than our thoughts had led us to believe. Expansive, sparsely vegetated and being pounded by huge swells, the Chathams Islands was surely a sight to behold. Val Croon, host of our chathams accommodation, initiated us with an island tour and awesome meal, before we settled into the bar and a while later, our beds.
Our next few days, we did a few fishing trips out to a close by reef and landed many great fish to eat and share, including great bluecod and groper or hapuka. Crays, sometimes called lobster, were bountiful! At the end of the day, it was a fishing trip that will always remain in my mind!


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