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Article 106

Open water crappie or structure crappie

 Crappie forage is the most important factor in whether crappie will be located in open water or structure.  Crappie are a amazing and adaptable species of fish and they go by many different names such as calico bass, speckled bass, speckled perch, white perch, pole crappie, and papermouth. What The paper mouth has to eat within close proximity will dictate the white perch location in lakes, reservoirs, rivers and ponds.

 In southern waters and Midwest waters adult white perch will feed on shad,shiners,crappie minnows,fathead minnows,zooplankton,insects, and small crayfish. The speckled bass location will be dependant on which of these forage fish, insects,or small crustaceans are most abundant at a particular period of the year. The paper mouth behavior will be influenced by local conditions such as long – term weather, geography, and fishery management.

  To catch crappie in these areas you want to use crappie baits that either imitate or a close match to the natural forage that the white perch are eating at the time. For example if there was a new hatch of insect larva noticeable in the water then it’s a good bet you could catch crappie using crappie flies that look like the type of insect larva that is swimming in the water. You could also use very small crappie jigs with soft plastics that resemble the larva. Or if the larva are big enough you could catch some live and use them as live crappie bait.

 One very important factor in crappie fishing is understanding how crappie suspend. The paper mouth will typically be suspended at a certain depth no mater if you fish in open water or confined open water. If you understand how they suspend you will catch more crappie. Some popular crappie jigs such as the gum drop tube, micro jelly jig, bailey’s Crappie Magnet, Micromini Jig, and the Mizmo Mini Tube work great to catch most suspended crappie. The more you can learn about a particular crappie fishing hole you frequent, or when you plan your next crappie fishing trip to a crappie fishing Mecca, will make your crappie fishing more successful. Understanding how crappie suspend where ever you plan to go fishing will make you a more successful crappie angler.

Well this ends my article on suspended crappie. If you stay persistant and learn as much as you can about the crappie species you can become a advanced crappie fisherman.

I want to thank you for reading my article about Crappie Fishing. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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