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Crappies naturally will suspend at certain depth where they are in close proximity of any unsuspecting prey. Crappies typically are called many different names by local fisherman such as calico bass, speckled bass, speckled perch, white perch, pole crappie, strawberry bass, and papermouth. speckled bas are notorious up feeders so they will suspend at depths that they can attack their prey above them or to the side of them, but never below them.  You will want to place your crappie bait presentations, like crappie live baits and artificial crappie jigs so the are at eye level, in front, to the side of , or above suspended speckled bas.

 In natural lakes papermouth will relate to the deepest edge points of weedlines. The

speckled perch will also suspend at the edge of drop offs and hard pan to mucky bottom break lines. It’s critical that you have a sensitive and accurate depth finder, fish finder to fish for suspended crappie. You nee this very valuable piece of your crappie fishing tackle to identify potential areas that the paper mouth will be suspended at.

 In late summer suspended crappie will be located at the edge of deep growing, low lying weed. If this type of vegetation is common throughout the lake you are fishing, a good crappie fishing pattern would be to fish these edges using a variety of crappie baits such as crappie jigs and soft plastic grubs or tubes tipped with wax worms, or crappie live baits such as crappie minnows or shiners.

 In lakes where weed lines do not extend all the way to the edge of drop offs, speckled perch will be suspended just of the drop off point at a depth equal to the bottom of the weed line. The suspend at this depth to wait for unsuspecting prey coming in and out of the weeds, like small bait fish or small crayfish. In very clear lakes weed lines will typically grow past and down into the drop off. speckled perch will often suspend at the horizontal and vertical positions clos to the edge of the weeds, here again waiting for unsuspecting prey.

 In very clear lakes or reservoirs you will want to use crappie baits such as live crappie minnows, shiners, crayfish, or shad if they are native to your lake or reservoir, using ultralight crappie fishing tackle. You will want very thin dia test lines like 2 to 4lb test monofilament or 8lb braided fire line. You will need to use very small artificial crappie fishing baits like crappie jigs with plastic grubs and tubes. Some of the more popular crappie fishing jigs that work well are .

Well that concludes my article about Strawberry Bass. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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