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Article number 111 Natural lake Fall Crappie Movements

As the water starts to cool in natural lakes much of the weed growth on the flats dies off. Some deep lying weeds will remain along the deep edge of weed growth along drop offs. After the weed growth dies off crappies holding in shallow flats will join crappie along drop off edges, so this is one of the locations you will want to target your crappie fishing efforts. Crappies holding in open water will also head for drop off edges. The crappies are some amazing and very adaptable fish species. These fish have so many aliases such as calico bass,speckled bass,speckled perch,white perch,pole crappie,strawberry bass, and paper mouth. Once the crappie have moved to drop off ledges normally they will continue to hold there or move to close by deeper rock cover if it is available. You can catch crappie by using crappie jigs tipped with live crappie baits such as crappie minnows,flathead minnows,shiners,and shad if they are there. Fish your crappie baits just vertical or horizontal to identified drop off edge locations or deep rock cover approximately 5 to 10 feet off bottom, pole crappie will typically hold at these depths during the late fall going into winter. In natural lakes you will find drop off edges in a variety of different crappie fishing locations. Look for edges there is remaining weed growth such as at locations inside bends in the lake. You will also find excellent drop off edges where there is combination of remaining weed growth and rock cover. Your prime crappie fishing locations to concentrate on in the fall season will be where there is remaining weed growth, and rock cover combined together and adjacent to a drop off into deeper water. You will normally find these locations along bends in the lake contour. Fall pole crappie will be normally be feeding on plankton or crappie minnows or shad that are feeding on the plankton. A good fall crappie bait would be artifical crappie baits that resemble crappie minnows or shad or Live crappie baits such as crappie minnows,small shad,shiners, and fathead minnows. You can also use small crayfish when you are fishing off the bottom in rock cover. As the remaining weed beds die off speckled bass will move to rock piles, humps, sloop points, that drop into the lake basin, and transitional points that go from a hard pan bottom to a soft mucky bottom. Concentrate your crappie fishing efforts after the weed die off to the areas just mentioned.

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