Information On Crappie Post Summertime Fishing Details

Crappie are a most adaptable species of gamefish and fisherman all over the country call them different names such as calico bass,speckled perch,speckled bass, white perch, pole crappies strawberry bass, and papermouths. During the post summer period of the year the underwater ecosystem is in complete reversal. The post summer ecosystem reversal is the complete opposite of the pre-summer period where the ecosystem is gearing up full speed.  The water temperature is cooling rapidly compared to the prime summer period and many things are changing daily including the papermouths mood, and feeding patterns.

Crappie fishing during the post summer period is often quite unpredictable. Sometimes crappie fishing baits you were using in the peak of the summer period such as crappie live baits like crappie minnows, shiners, fathead minnows, small crayfish, or mussel meat will work. Other times you may have to mix your crappie baits up with a combination crappie jigs and live bait or even crappie jigs and soft plastics tipped with live bait like wax worms or a small crappie minnow.

During the post summer period white perch are feeding on what is left of the forage that existed during the prime summer period. All of the crappies food chain is in decline. Water levels are at their lowest point of the year drive the white perch to deeper areas of their habitats. The white perch will hold tight together in cover that is available in these deep areas. The papermouths typically will not suspend during the post summer period. Locate some deep structure points and you probably will catch crappie. A good crappie fishing technique that works well in this period of the year is to use crappie jigs tipped with live bait with a safety pin spinner fished slowly. Go crappie fishing along the edges of deep weeded areas and deep timber lines. You will need to find the speckled bass by fishing as many structure edge lines as you can find until you start catching crappie. The white perch will typically hole up in tight schools during the post summer period and if you can find these schools you can catch some crappie.

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