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Crappies have numerous different names that include calico bass, speckled perch, speckled bass, white perch, pole crappie, strawberry bass, and papermouth. They are also plentiful at different white perch locations throughout the lower 48 states and parts of southern Canada . A simple equation that will work every time to catch crappie is speckled bass + Location + presentation = success!


We are going to break this equation down into what this equation means in our article today.  One of te most important things you must learn to be consistently successful at catching crappie is understanding the classifying of   speckled bass waters. One very important fact you need to understand when classifying strawberry bass waters is that Similar  pole crappie waters in one location of the country will behave the same a similar waters in another part of the country. Foe example, crappie in cloudy pounds and natural lakes in the north will react the same as cloudy pounds and natural lakes in the south. The key to this comparison is understanding the cloudy pounds and natural lakes in the north waters classification process.

 If you learn to to classify speckled perch waters correctly you can converse with crappie fisherman all over the country. You can use crappie fishing skills no matter what location you intend to go crappie fishing.

 You can eliminate a great deal of fishing waters by understanding the needs of the  strawberry bass and what type of habitat they need to survive. For example the crappie is primary a warm water fish so you could elimate any oligotropic lakes which are very cold and normally only hold populations of cold water fish species such as trout and walleye.  We are going to concentrate on the different lake categories and what type of crappie baits may work best to catch crappie in these locations in today’s article.

 Lakes can be classified in three enviremenal age groups such as oligotropic,mesotropic, and eutropic.  In geological terms oligothropic lakes are the youngest. Mesotropic lakes are considered to middle aged while eutrophic lakes are considered to be the oldest of lake. Lakes change constantly se even your local calico bass lake is changing daily. The aging process for lakes is called eutrophication. During the eutrophication process structural makeup, food chains, vegetation , and the dominate fish speices will be changing. Many times these changes are very subtle and may take years to change significantly.

 You will be able to catch crappie in these lakes using a variety of different crappie fishing baits. You can use crappie live baits such as crappie minnows, shiners,fathead minnows, small crayfish and wax worms. You can use crappie fishing jigs with plastic grubs. You can use crappie jigs tipped with live baits such as crappie minnows, and wax worms or even small crayfish. You can make your crappie jigs into safety pin spinner baits and also have some crappie fishing success. There are just thousands of different crappie bait combinations you can use at any lake that holds good populations of speckled bass.

I have had a great time writing this article we hope you enjoyed our information about Calico Bass. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on your next fishing trip

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