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When people think of fishing for crappie their first impression is that the majority of crappies are caught with crappie fishing jigs. But actually the majority of crappie are caught either with a complete live bait presentation or artificial bait tipped with some type of living bait. The most important type of crappie live bait that most fisherman use is some type of crappie minnow such as golden shiners, and flathead minnows. Both of these crappie minnow types are raised by the millions in fish farms through out the United States and sold at nearly all bait shops and bait dealers.

But there are still many fisherman that catch their own wild crappie minnows at the locations they intend to fish. The most common wild crappie minnows that fisherman catch on a regular basis for live bait are the bluntnose minnow,blacknose dace,creek chubs,hornyhead chubs,red shinners, and mud minnows. These fisherman use minnow seines, nets and minnow traps to catch their live bait.

The most hardy live bait fish and small gold fish like fathead minnows, mud minnows, and small gold fish will stay alive for long periods of time if the bait container they are stored in is aerated and they are kept cool. Then there are moderately hardy living bait fish like baby bluegills, creek chubs, horney head chubs, southern redbelly dace, blacknose dace, and bluntnose minnows. Then there are the fragile crappie baits that fisherman use that need to be caught and fished with almost immediately and they are the emerald shiner, small gizzard shad, threadfin shad and spotted shiners.

If you are primarily a crappie jig fisherman here’s a good fishing tip when the crappies have absolutely turned off. Sometimes you can get crappies turn back on with a simple trick. go to your the most likely spot that should be producing crappie. Put about 1/2 dozen crappie minnows in a glass jar filled with water with the lid on tie a retrieve line on and lower the jar right next to the likely structure. wait about 15 minutes and tip your favorite crappie jig with a live minnow and start jigging right next to were your lowered the live bait minnow.

We hope the information in this article about horney head chubs. We wish you the best of luck on your next fishing trip!

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