Enjoy Carp Fishing In France

A holiday in France is exciting enough, and a fishing trip is just what the doctor would order if you want to spend some time amidst the tranquil carp lakes in France. There is nothing more inviting than a secluded French lake with its stunning natural surroundings and water plentiful with carps weighing 40 lbs. and more. For the experienced angler there is no problem locating carp. Carp are inactive fish but are very alert inside their own territory. Moreover, they are smart enough to divert your attention and get away easily if you aren’t quick on the draw, which is something contrary to their reputation as a dumb fish.

Many small lakes around the French countryside are ideal for carp fishing. Some of these lakes are privately owned and permit only a limited number of anglers. Therefore, you ought to book your trip well in advance if you want to enjoy your vacation carp fishing in France. Of course, these holidays come at a price, but you will always be guaranteed a prime spot. Moreover, if you are serious about angling then you will love the peace and tranquility that is conducive to fishing. You could have an entire lake to yourself if you visit in a group of four or more.

Carps are heavy fish and you can expect to find some weighing more than fifty pounds at some of the private lakes. Some great anglers have the distinction of catching much bigger ones too. There are several catch and release programs for carp fishing held throughout France so make sure you bring your camera along with you in case you happen to hook on to a heavyweight, before you release him back into the waters. Most importantly, carry a medium action rod that is at least six feet long so that you can close in on the larger carp. Take along a spin casting reel that has a good drag and size 6 hooks without barbs if you are joining up with a catch and release program. Weight your fishing line with split shot or slip sinkers since carp are smart enough to drop the bait the moment they feel any resistance.

When carp fishing in France, you ought to be aware that lakes vary in depth and vegetation. Therefore, the size of carps also varies, needing you to make adjustments and use different tactics in order to taste success. Apart from private lakes, there are a number of public lakes and rivers where you can purchase a license to fish from local tackle shops.


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