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It is very important to have quality crappie fishing rigs to become a more consistent and proficient crappie fisherman. The most common crappie fishing rig you will need to have and you will use it quite often are fishing rigs set of to catch crappie with different crappie jig presentations. You can use crappie jigs with our without live bait but sooner or later there will be a need to use a combination of artificial crappie baits combined with some type of live bait. The most common of these combinations being a crappie jig striped of any plastics combined with a live crappie minnow.

Your next step is to decide on what crappie jig you will want to use. To choose the correct crappie jig with depend on a some key factors that pertain directly to the local waters you intend to fish in. Your crappie fishing rig will change depending on what the local food source is for the crappie population you are targeting and also the season you are fishing in. To put it all together you need to do some research as to what exactly the crappies are eating on a regular basis, then you can make your crappie fishing rig selection based on this information. For example I had of this great farm pond that not many people fish in and that there was talk that this pond was full of crappie. Well the first thing I would do when arriving at the pond Is look very close at the type of bait fish I see swimming the shallows. Ok Its spring time and I notice there are just hundreds of small bluegill fry swimming around , bingo! I am going to try to match my crappie baits to look like the small bluegill fry. Actually if you had a minnow net with you The ideal bait would be to use a small crappie jig with a safety pin spinner tipped with small crappie fry. Well anyway the key here is you need to as they say “match the hatch” to be successful. I Think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results if you can design your crappie fishing rig to “match the hatch” so to speak.

There will be a trial and error period and some practice to identify on what to match the hatch with.  One very effective way to see if your crappie bait selection is going to be effective is keep trying different presentations until you catch tow or three crappies and then go ahead and clean them , but be careful to open up their gut to see what exactly they are eating. In my example above I did exactly that. I got lucky and hit on the right combination right away and when I caught my first three crappie within minutes I checked to see what they were eating sure enough they were feeding heavy on the small bluegill fry. This technique will work on any crappie waters you intend to fish. Don’t make the mistake and not use this important tip because it can be very powerful information on you next crappie fishing trip to this area.

One more important note when you are matching the hatch. Size and color are very important. If you are going to say fish only artificial jigs you need to match the size and coloration of the hatch. In my example above I chose a jig head that had a color similar to the color of the bluegill fry and the size was a 1/ 32 ounce jig size because the bluegill fry were very small. The safety pin spinner was used because the pound was weedy and the water was a bit discolored so I wanted my crappie fishing rig to have some flash so the crappie could see it, and hear the vibrations.

I have had a great time writing this article we hope you enjoyed our information about Catch Crappie. Have a great day!

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