Going Carp Fishing In France

Carp Fishing in France

The French countryside is blessed with a number of private and public lakes and rivers that are home to some of the finest carp you will ever find. Anglers from all over Europe love to spend time carp fishing in France. The best way to set out on a fishing vacation is by car or van. This will give you the chance to take in the most and enjoy access to plenty of lakes with carp in excess of 40 to 50 lbs. Among the popular privately owned lakes that are ideal for carp fishing in France are L’Etang du Chef de Ville, Rainbow Lake, Brittany Mill Lakes, L’Etang de Tricherie, and more. You can hire a boat at some of these lakes, while some allow you to use your own.

Carps are big fish and you need to carry sensible equipment if you want a great catch. A 2 ¾ or more, curve rod and bait runner reels are essential. If you can manage a large bit pit reel then you will have the chance to fish from a distance. There are several rules and restrictions around many lakes, therefore you need to be well prepared before you go carp fishing in France. Many lakes do not allow braid so make sure you have monofilament lines as well. Many French carp lakes are also particular about the type of bait that can be used, where ground baits and tiger nuts are not allowed in most areas. Some lakes allow you to only pitch up a bivvy so it will be prudent to check out the details according to the regions you plan to visit. Night fishing is allowed only in certain areas while some allow you to fish with three rods, whereas you may be allowed four rods, so make sure you are clear about these issues before you set off.

If you have the budget then you could book a complete package that includes flights, accommodation, fishing gear, sightseeing and more to areas such as Croix Blanche, Lake Juvanze, Brittany Mill Lakes, Willow Lake, and more. These are ideal destinations for an exclusive family holiday and some great carp fishing in France. Moreover, it will save you the trouble of finding your way around.

The best time to go carp fishing in France is April through to October. If you head to the south of France, you may be able to catch up with some nigh fishing, which is allowed in most areas since the days can get pretty hot in summer. However, all the fun and excitement will keep your mind of the weather.

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