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Your Bass Fishing Guide

There are scores of people who are interested in bass fishing. Warm weather signals fishermen to grab their gear, hook up their boats and head to their favorite lake. Anyone who has been to a boat ramp at first light on a warm spring Saturday realizes that bass fishing is a VERY popular sport.

Before You Go To the Lake

If you have not been on the water since last season, invest in a few dollars on a pair of “ear muffs” for your motor, and test it before you leave your house. Make sure that your motor is working properly and starts quickly. Don’t wait until you are backed into the water only to find out that your motor wont’ start.

If you have started your boat at home but find that it wont’ start when you get to the lake, quickly check the following:

• Did the kill switch get pulled accidentally? • Battery connections; these sometimes loosen due to vibration from traveling.

Before You Get In Line

If you are launching your boat at a State Park or private marina, you most likely will have to pay a fee. Just make sure that you fill out the information on the envelope and pay your fee before getting in line at the ramp.

Also, unhook your straps and remove your transom saver prior to getting to the water. Only leave your front strap hooked until you boat is in the water.

Backing Down the Ramp

Inexperienced inboaters are often uneasy about backing their boat down straight down the ramp. Follow these techniques.

• Just make sure that your trailer is right behind your truck. Just keep your wheel in line with the side of your truck. • Place one hand on the bottom of the steering wheel to determine which way you want the trailer to move. If your boat needs to go to the left, move your bottom hand to the left. • Practice in a parking lot away from the lake until you are comfortable backing the trailer in a straight line.

Boat Ramps with Multiple Lanes

You must make sure you don’t take up more than one space if the boat ramp you are using, can accommodate more than one boat at a time.This seems like a pretty obvious thing to do, but it happens all the time.

No Partner?

• If you are fishing without a partner, make sure your front deck is clean and easily accessible. This will make climbing into your boat when it’s backed down the ramp quick and easy. • Start your boat and quickly tie it off on the opposite side of the courtesy dock or pull your boat up onto the bank away from the ramp so you don’t block any other boaters once you move your tuck.

Courtesy Dock

The courtesy dock is for unloading your boat. Just change lures, re-coil your reels, motor out to the middle of the cove or the lake if you have to get rods ready. If you hang around the courtesy dock, it will definitely prevent other people launch their boats from using them.

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