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Largemouth bass have a very large habitat range from southern Canada all the wall through Mexico and into Central America and Cuba. The largemouth bass is considered America’s favorite gamefish and for good reasons. This fish is one outstanding fighting fish when you get them hooked on your line, once you catch one he breaks water and tries to spit your bass bait you will be hooked too!

You will find largemouth bass in weedy natural lakes and reservoirs, sluggish streams and ponds, or gravel pits. Any waters within the largemouth’s preferred temperature range of 68 degrees to 78 degrees farenheight, that have plenty woody cover and good weed cover, and do not freeze out during the winter.

Large mouth bass are not picky feeders you can can concentrate your largemouth bass bait fishing efforts using live baits such as small fish, crayfish, larva aquatic insects, small manuals, salamanders, frogs, nightcrawlers, leeches, snails, and very small snakes. Or you can go bait fishing for largemouth bass artificial baits that are available to the bass fisherman on the market today.

To catch largemouth bass in the spring head to shallow mud bottom bays in natural lakes. To catch large mouth bass in the spring in man made lakes go to back ends of shallow brushy creek arms. To catch the largemouth bass in the spring in rivers head to shallow dead end sloughs and other backwater off the main river.

To catch bass during the large mouth bass spawning period in natural lakes head for protected bays and shore lines with a firm bottom. To catch bass during the spawn in man made lakes head to backwater areas that have a firm bottom. In rivers head to shallow dead end sloughs and backwater areas off the main river channel. To catch largemouth bass during the summer and fall head to weedless points, humps that have weedy and rocky cover and that slope gradually into deeper water in natural lakes. Also sloped bays where there is dense overhead cover will hold bass because the cover keeps the sunlight out and the water temperature will be cooler. In man made lakes head the back end of creek arms. In rivers head sloughs with current, deep backwaters, and side channels in backwaters.

To catch bass while bait fishing in natural lakes during late fall and into winter check humps, points, and other structure that slope drastically to deep water. Also check inside turns and shallow flats during warm days. In man made lake head to main lake points, and any main river channel during late fall and winter. To catch large mouth bass in rivers during the late fall and winter head deep water areas off the main river channel, and near warm water discharge areas such as power plant.

Well that concludes my article about largemouth bass baits. We wish you the best of luck on your next fishing trip!

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