Main Event Angling-Alaska Fishing Trips

Just imagine catching some of the most amazing fish in one of the most beautiful places in the country.  That is exactly what you get when taking Alaska fishing trips.  Many people overlook all the opportunities that Alaska has to offer, which is a real shame.  During the summer months, this is a spectacular place to visit with some of the best fishing found.

For instance, many people love Alaska salmon fishing, which is absolutely a wonderful experience.  Of course, silver salmon is also one of the best tasting fish and when caught fresh, it has an entirely different taste than what you would buy in the supermarket.  There are other species but without doubt, salmon tops the list.

Another possibility is taking an Alagnak River fly fishing trip, another favorite place where the fish are hopping.  In fact, this particular river is remote and full of 10 different fish species.  While taking a trip to this destination, an excellent place to stay is called the Alagnak River Fishing Lodge. There, the accommodations are modern yet in a secluded part of the state.

To show some of the options for an Alaska salmon fishing lodge, the following are recommendations:

Nushagak – This pristine lodge offers not only excellent Alaska silver salmon fishing on the Nushagak River, along with Rainbow, Char, Grayling, Artic, and Northern Pike, it also offers tremendous views of wildlife to include Caribou, Eagles, and Moose.

Austin’s Golsovia River – This Alaska salmon fishing lodge is unique in that it is never overcrowded, perfect for the serious angler and people who want to get away to a secluded paradise.  The streams are crystal clear, the land is privately owned, and salmon are seen jumping only 100 yards from the lodge.

Jumping Salmon Lodge – For Alaska salmon fishing, along with hunting and kayaking, this is a great lodge located in the Prince William Sound.  Known for world-class salmon and halibut, people fall in love with the full service accommodations.

Then, when taking an Alaskan fishing tour, people will find that tour companies offer years of experience for novice and advanced anglers, as well as provide all the needed gear to have a successful day of fishing.  In addition to the Alagnak River, there are also numerous coldwater streams where the fish can be found in abundance.

The thing people need to remember is that the sport fishing in Alaska is seasonal, lasting only a short season.  Therefore, it is important to book early to get the best spots for Alagnak River fly fishing.  Of course, in addition to fishing, Alaska offers tons of other outdoor activities to include glacier flight seeing tours, visiting Brookes Falls, rafting, photography, and enjoying the natural wildlife of bear, caribou, moose, eagles, and even nesting osprey.

Taking a wilderness in Alaska that includes fly fishing, hiking, or sightseeing is one of the most exciting things a person could do.  For world-class fishing where fish are easy to catch, this is truly the experience of a lifetime.  While some people head to the beach in the Caribbean for summer vacation, we strongly recommend that you consider doing something that would quickly become a passion – Alaska fly fishing trips are without doubt, the most amazing thing ever.

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