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When super lines were first introduced in the 1990s many folks assumed they would soon dominate the fishing line market. These lines which are manufactured from the same materials that army head gear is made from did revolutionize the line industry when introduced because they had near zero percent stretch which made them incredibly sensitive and provided powerful hook sets. You would think these lines would of changed the industry forever but that is not the case. They certainly have their place, but the mast majority of anglers still rely on monofilament for most of their fishing. We have info here you can use to select the best fishing line for spinning reels and the best fishing line for baitcasters.

There seems to be no substitute for monofilament line because it still remains the only line type that is near invisible in water, which is a major advantage when you target skidish game fish.And the stretch factor everyone complained about turns out not to be so bad after all. It provides an extra cushion in fighting fish, and your rod won’t snap on the hookset, as it sometimes does with superlines.{The information we want to provide you will help you select the right line for the type of fishing you want to do. We want to provide you with some detail information that you can use to help you make a decision on what the best fishing line for spinning reels and the best fishing line for baitcasters.}

 There some very important considerations you need to look at, such as the limpness,stretch and color. One of the most commonly used limp lines that many fisherman use to today for casting because doesn’t coil up and rub on your guides, is a very limp line, such as triline XL which is considered to be a extra limp line. A line with a harder finish, like Triline XT which is classified as a extra tough line, is a better choice when fishing in weeds or rocks that cause scuffing.Most experienced anglers use clear or green mono when fishing clear water. Fluorescent line is easy to see and is a good choice in discolored waters or when fishing at night. Now if you are plan to be a bass fisherman and plan to fish some heavy weed color for some lunker largemouth, then the best fishing line for baitcasters would be the triline XT. Also if you were fishing areas were you need to have extremely long casts to get your baits were the fish are, the best fishing line for spinning reels would be the triline XL because of the extra limpness which benefits your casting distance.

 Now superlines do have there place because they are made of a material called spectra which is almost 4 times as strong as monofilament line when you compare dia to dia.These lines have revolutionized deep jigging and trolling because of their superb sensitivity and very little stretch.Mono has to much stretch for solid hook sets in deep water, and is difficult to get down while trolling because its large diameter creates so much water resistance.If you plan on jigging any reefs that are in deep water then the best fishing line for spinning reels would be a superline. Also if you  plan on trolling in deep water the best fishing line for baitcasters or trolling reels would be a superline selection.

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