Big Book of Bass: Strategies for Catching Largemouth and Smallmouth (The Freshwater Angler)

Big Book of Bass: Strategies for Catching Largemouth and Smallmouth (The Freshwater Angler)
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The bible of bass fishing   Ounce for ounce, no North American gamefish offers more excitement for anglers than bass. Any angler who has landed a feisty, ferocious two-pounder after 30 minutes of play remains hooked for life. No wonder 19.5 million anglers regularly fish for bass in the U.S, Canada, and central America. Bass fishing is now so popular that bass-catching tournaments have become a leading spectator sport across the continent, with top bass fishermen rivaling NASCAR drivers in the loyalty of their followers.   With this impressive collection of up-to-date information, novice as well as experienced anglers will[Read More]

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