Bait Fishing: Article 77 Key Fishing Information About Sub-Surface Bass Plugs Plugs And Crank Baits Click Here To Visit Our Website Today!

vibrating bass plugs Click Here To See Old School Bass Fishing Secrets From 12 Backcountry Bass Masters! Many largemouth bass anglers use a variety of sub-surface bass lures on a regular basis. There are three main types of sub – surface plugs that work well when bait fishing for largemouth bass. The three types are [...]

Catching Bass And Info About Bass Chugger Baits

One popular largemouth bass bait fishing technique that thousands of bass fisherman use every year is fishing with top water lures and plugs. These bass baits catch largemouth bass by the hundreds every year. If you are thinking about taking up largemouth bass fishing do not overlook the importance of top water lures and plugs. [...]

Bait Fishing: Old Master Special Bass Fishing Spinner Bait Details About Bass Baits

If you want to fish heavy cover for largemouth bass then using a bass spinner bait is great way to fish for largemouth bass holding tight in thick weed, debris cover. The reason bass spinner baits work so well in thick cover is because the spinner blades serve a dual purpose. The blade or blades [...]