Enjoy Carp Fishing In France

A holiday in France is exciting enough, and a fishing trip is just what the doctor would order if you want to spend some time amidst the tranquil carp lakes in France. There is nothing more inviting than a secluded French lake with its stunning natural surroundings and water plentiful with carps weighing 40 lbs. [...]

Going Carp Fishing In France

Carp Fishing in France The French countryside is blessed with a number of private and public lakes and rivers that are home to some of the finest carp you will ever find. Anglers from all over Europe love to spend time carp fishing in France. The best way to set out on a fishing vacation [...]

Carp Fishing in France – the Proper Bait Digestion

Carp Fishing in France Carp Fishing in France – the Proper Bait Digestion No matter you are an experienced angler or you are a rookie first time carp fishing in France, most often anglers do not pay much importance to the requirement of a healthy carp diet. Instead such questions like importance of healthy bait [...]

Carp Fishing In France – Things to consider

France has become one of the most favorite holiday destinations for carp angling enthusiasts all over the globe and there are plenty of valid reasons behind this. A wonderful atmosphere, numerous public lakes and commercial carp fisheries with huge benefits for an affordable budget – France has it all. Just search in the internet with [...]

Carp Fishing in France

When you are going for the Carp Fishing in France, then you welcome to the premier site for the carp fishing lakes in France. Here you may spend your exclusive carp fishing holidays and survive fishing for the big carp and the Monster Catfish. In France, there are many places for carp fishing. The Fax [...]