What Makes An Ideal Fishfinder?

A typical device for just about any angler or marining lover might be a marine GPS system, chartplotter or fishfinder such as the well-known Furuno FCV 620 to use as an example. In this post, we will especially look at the fundamentals of what a fishfinder really does and provide a few suggestions and tips [...]

Fishing Equipment To Help Locate Your Catch

Are you brand new to the world of angling? Perhaps you have already been fishing for some time now and you really feel that you are ready to go to the next level, entering competitions or even taking it from passion to career. If this details where you’re at with this wonderful sports activity, then [...]

How to Get on Board With Sea Fishing in the UK

Sea fishing has been a favourite in the UK for many years. The UK’s coastal waters are rich with an incredible variety of fish species and the majority of the coastline is free to access with no rod licence or permit required. The tackle is fairly straightforward allowing sea fishing to be an excellent sport [...]

Carp Fishing Equipment: Procedures and Techniques

The Romans brought the carp to Europe within the 4th century AD. Though the carp grew abundantly in Europe, the fish were not brought to Britain till the 1400s by means of monks who used them for eating. Since then, the carp has become one of the most popular fish sought by UK anglers, especially [...]

Fishing Equipment in the UK – Suggestions for the Safeguarding of Children

Nearly all parents begin their youngsters fishing with a plain bamboo rod, some line, a hook, and bait such as worms. However, everyone is aware that it takes more to fish than merely putting your bait into the water. This info will help you begin your children how to fish correctly. Fishing Equipment -Formulating Rules [...]