The Power of Marine GPS Technology

Have you ever been on a fishing holiday and returned with nothing to show for it in the way of fish? I’m sure that if you have been fishing for any length of time, you’ve experienced this at one time or another. Many fisherman and boating enthusiasts use great GPS technologies that are available on the market today. Let’s cover some of the many benefits to using such a system to increase the number of fish that you are bringing home. An example of one of the more advanced fishfinder systems, would be the Humminbird 1197c SI Combo unit.

Some of the great benefits and features of using a fishfinder or marine GPS system include:

1. Chartplotting GPS system
Chart a course in the water and monitor the path to which you are going as well as marking where you have come from. Bonus features included in many models would have advanced mapping modes and features for marking objects, fish and locations.

2. Side Imaging Capability
This can span a distance of 400+ feet around your boat. This helps you to see clear images of the fish you come in contact with.

3. Different Beam Views
A wide beam allows for a broad focus that gives you great coverage of the the fish and bait fish that are nearby. The narrow view allows you to see any fish that are hiding at the bottom of the water.

4. Advanced Sonar Technology
The incredible advanced technology used in a unit such as the Humminbird 1197c model, allows for a clear competitive advantage over those anglers that are not using such an advanced system.

5. Take Screen Pictures and Sonar Recordings
Save detailed information and views with this awesome screen capture tool.

6. Important Fish ID Capability
The whole point of using a fishfinder system such as this, is to be able to locate the fish you want to catch. This ID feature marks the fish with an icon on the screen. The icon varies in color and size allowing you to easily monitor the depth and location of the fish around you.

7. Split Screen Zoom Mode
You may need more clarity to identify fish and objects. This split screen aspect help you to do just that.

8. Special Truearch Technology
The Humminbird 1197c SI unit has a special advanced system that helps locate fish by eliminating all of the noise and distraction of everything the system picks up that does not appear to be the targeted fish. This aids in the accuracy and ability to pinpoint the location, depth and size of the fish targets.

9. Images are updated on your screen in real time.
Real time imaging eliminates the inaccuracy found with systems that may have a lag time. This is important while fishing for obvious reasons.

10. Most systems include a sonar zoom view to increase resolution as well as a circular flasher view mode.

We hope that this article gives you an idea of several of the advantages and benefits to investing in such a fishfinder unit. Any fisherman would greatly benefit and appreciate this as a part of their winning strategy for catching loads of fish.

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