Things to Know Before Buying a Fishfinder

If you’re a devoted fisherman or a leisure angler, you’ve possibly considered getting a great little fishfinder at one time or another to help improve your daily catch. Here, we will go over a few of the essential functions that you ought to be considering as well as distinct designs which are great for the beginner like the Garmin Fishfinder 160C.

One of the first things that a person will probably want to consider is the size of the system and screen. Fishfinder displays come in a selection of sizes and obviously the bigger size will fit you better if you want to be able to view the screen from a reasonable range. If you are searching for a device that employs a divided screen function, this will be of even more significance so that you are sure to have the ability to examine the display clearly while utilizing the split functionality.

An additional screen characteristic to consider is whether you want to purchase a conventional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) display screen or the progressively popular LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) alternative. The LCD displays have a significantly clearer and greater quality just as the newer tv screens in LCD format do. For many leisure fishermen, the CRT display is simply fine and you may note that they are usually a lot cheaper than the LCD units.

It is always a good idea to choose a fishfinder that includes color fish symbol ID’s, like the Garmin 160C. It’s well worth any kind of extra price to select the color over grayscale because having the huge varieties of color to spot the fish is much easier than one that has different gradations of gray only. The end result of this means a larger catch for you!

Unless of course you have a large protected boat, you will want to be sure to choose a product that is water-proof. Watch out for designs which are marked as “splash resistant” as this typically suggests that they’re not really waterproof at all.

Just about the most critical capabilities that you will be thinking about is just how much strength the fishfinder has. Power is measured in watts and in general the greater wattage you have access to, the further and more properly the unit will read.

Combined with the quantity of energy the unit offers, you will also want to look at its transducer capabilities. The transducer uses something known as the crystal which sends a beam out into the water.  A bigger or wider size of the transducer’s crystal converts into a further transmission into the range of the water.

Clearly, you’ll need to consider your spending budget. High class fishfinders can run into the 1000s of dollars and absolutely possess all the features to make it of great benefit. An average Joe just getting started will do really good using the Fishfinder 160C or another option that is not near as high-priced as a few of the additional products can be. Just locate one which includes the characteristics which you are interested in, and you can always upgrade later on as needed.

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