Want To Come Fishing In Bright? Let Me Tell You A Little About This Beautiful Place

Who couldn’t be tempted with a peaceful afternoon on the bank of your favorite river with your rod by your side, and a few beers. Fishing is a huge part of the Australian lifestyle, in particular, fishing in Bright is a popular activity. Why Bright? The serenity, the rivers, and the endless places still left to discover where that big catch awaits.

The Keiwa River presents one of the easiest to access spots to chase a catch, however it is on the opposite side of the Tawonga Gap. Although this river is usually most popular with spin fishing in Bright, it can be hard at times to find your spot, if it hasn’t been taken already. Located in the centre of the Kiewa Valley, encompassing views over the imposing bulk of Mt Bogong, this is a peaceful place to cast a few lines in, with the temptation of bringing home a few Brown of Rainbow Trout being all too great.

The Ovens River is a little more varied however, ranging from being wide and gentle, to narrow and fast running closer to the mountains. In the areas further away from the mountains, Fly Fishing is very popular near the willows that line the river. As the flies generally surround the willows, creating a feeding ground for the larger Trout, landing a fly the right way here can come with huge reward, and an exciting catch.

Closer towards the mountains where the Ovens River tends to become more rapid, is much more suited to those who want to cast a few lures against the current, or even to drop some bait. My favorite method involves casting a small hook with a berley container full of maggots. This method proves to be too tempting for those 2 – 3 pound trout, and a good days catch is always a good reward.

Lake Buffalo is rather secluded, situated behind the Mt Buffalo Massif, and provides a bounty of opportunity for Fly Fisherman, and those who want to bait cast and enjoy a quiet day in a beautiful and remote location. Popular in most seasons for Fly Fisherman, this is one of those places that your grandfather told you about (we all have one of these stories right?). As this area is not as frequented as the nearby Kiewa and Ovens Rivers, this is one of those spots that really allows you to take in the peace and tranquility.

I must say however that if you do plan on fishing in Bright, you are going to have to obtain a fishing license, as it is a requirement by law that all people who plan on fishing in Australian waters must have one. As the cost of obtaining a license is quite low (no more than the cost of a beer or two at the local pub!), in most cases this is not a problem, with many stores in Bright offering these over the counter.

You may be asking, what exactly is the attraction that those feel who love to go fishing in Bright? My idea of a great weekend away in Bright after a god catch involves a few good mates, an esky with a few brews, and more than anything, that kind of recharge that you get knowing that you are getting away from it all, in one of the most pristine places in Victoria. Yet, another outstanding reason to come and see Bright Victoria.

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