What is the Best Bass Fishing Game?

bass fishing gameThere’s no easy answer to this question. The best bass fishing game depends on a whole array of factors, such as whether you want to play online, download to your your pc, on a mobile device, or on your video console. Also you may want to consider both free and paid bass fishing games. Lets take a look at some of the most popular….

Why Should You Pay for a Bass Fishing Game?

Why wouldn’t you want a free pro bass fishing game? If you are a fishing enthusiast in real life, a pro bass fishing game would make a great purchase because not only is it a fun way to spend some of your spare time, but as well you can learn some nifty tips and techniques that you can actually take out with you and use in real world fishing experiences.

There are lots of different pro bass fishing game options to choose from, and so the best bet will be for you to carefully look at each trophy bass fishing game so you can decide on the one that is going to be best for you.

Bass Fishing Pro – The free version

This is 1 free bass fishing game that you’ll want to try – Bass Fishing Pro. It is really all the fun of fishing but without having to worry about getting all packed up, getting out on the water, and without those pesky bugs bothering you along the way.

Once you play it you will be hooked…pardon the pun, and while you are playing you will actually earn treats that you can use to enter the company’s online sweepstakes, so you have the chance to win some terrific prizes.

Big Mouth Bass 3D

This is another free bass fishing game that is well worth a try. This is actually one of the most advanced, detailed fishing video games available today, and one that you will love. All you need to do is go onto the site, select “Tournament” to try and land the biggest fish before your time runs out, or you can go to “Free Fish” for which you just spend a relaxing day on the water and see how many fish you can catch.

Any one of these free bass fishing game options would make a great choice, and since they are free, the best idea would be for you to try each free bass fishing game out so that you can see what they are all like and make the best decision in terms of which you like the most.

What About The Best Bass Fishing Game Online?

Now if you want to find a bass fishing game online, of course you are going to want to find the best bass fishing game download, one that is going to offer you hours of fun and which will be well worth taking the time to download. Here are a couple of the top picks.

Rapala Pro Fishing

One great bass fishing game online is Rapala Pro Fishing. This game really sets the standard for all other fishing games, and never before has a fishing game brought you the same thrills and excitement as this one does.

With it you can catch not only bass but also pike, walleye, catfish, muskie, trout, salmon, and many more. There are over 21 tournaments that you can sign up for and over 500,000 specialty-selected acres of the world’s finest trophy waters.

In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies

Another bass fishing game online that you will want to try is In-Fisherman Freshwater Trophies. This game is fantastic, blending realistic graphics with expertise from the editors of the In-Fisherman magazine. The fish are incredibly realistic, and a fully 3D camera takes you above or below the water, whichever you like.

You will learn things in this game that will actually help you when you head out on the real water to go fishing, and so you can really take something out of it.

But I need a Bass Fishing Console Game

Shimano Xtreme Fishing by Mastiff – Nintendo Wii
In Shimano Xtreme Fishing you’ll use rod & reel, bow and arrow, and a spear gun and SCUBA to go after more than fifty varieties of fish and fend off hungry predators like sharks, alligators and piranhas. Swim and boat through exotic environments ranging form the cold, dark waters of a North American lake to a roaring Amazon waterfall.

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 by Activision Publishing – PlayStation 3/Wii/Xbox 360
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 pits players against real-life fishing pros on top freshwater lakes across North America – only the finest techniques and equipment will determine who is the best of the best. For the first time ever in a fishing game, the competition is set up in a professional tournament structure and the action is presented as a live TV event with announcers (including Barry Brueland, the voice of InFisherman TV), live updates, competitive leader boards, analysis, and heart-pounding final weigh-ins.

Sega Bass Fishing by Sega Of America, Inc. – Nintendo Wii
The sun is out, the fish are biting and your tackle box is filled with 20 different types of lures. With content created exclusively for the Wii, you’ll motor out, find your favorite fishing hole, cast off using the Wii Remote and snag one of four types of bass. When you hook a fighter, your motion sensor will let you know, so hang on and enjoy the ride!

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Bundle with Fishing Rod by Psyclone – Xbox 360
The Most Realistic Fishing Game Ever!
Combining authentic fishing action with an innovative motion-sensing fishing controller, Bass Pro Shops (BPS): The Strike is the most exciting fishing game to hit next-gen consoles. Gamers of all levels will be challenged with the four modes of entertaining and competitive gameplay.

All in all there’s something here for everyone that needs their bass fishing fix, but can’t find time to get out on the water (or it may just be the freezing depths of winter). They are all great bass fishing games that will give you hours of fun and even the odd tip or two – Tight Lines!